Why don't you just marry us off and shackle us up in the kitchen, too.

I've never had to make this decision, I hope I never will, and living in Ottawa, I still can.

I can only send heartfelt well-wishes to the women (and the men who stand by them) who have been hurt by this tragedy. I hope that no more lives are lost because of this attack on individual freedom and the health and welfare of women who have had to make this choice, or who were left with none.

I hope that people are able to find a way to cope, support one another, and protect each other from pursuing dangerous alternatives. I wish I could be there to lend support. What we need now is a support network. Women and the men who love us as their equal counterparts in family, friendships, and in bed can't be complacent now.

Womens lives are endangered. We absolutely need to help each other. Anything helps: Drive someone to the nearest place they can get help, even if it is far. Donate to the cause (see link to NARAL). Donate to the person you know. Write letters to the newspaper. Write letters to congress. Be there for the person who needs you right now. Some women's lives are about to drastically change if we can't help them. They are your past, present, and future sisters, wives, daughters, girlfriends, grand daughters, high school crushes, nieces, best friends, aunts, grandmothers, and mothers. They are women you know and love.

When someone threatens the health and welfare of a fellow human, stand by that person. Defy the terrorism, defy the threats, defy the hatred and the oppression.

For those who care: unite and act.
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